Festival Locations

Malad City

Regional Map


    • in South East Idaho along I-15
    • 13 miles north of the Idaho/Utah stateline
    • 55 miles south of Pocatello, Idaho
    • 100 miles north of Salt Lake City, Utah


Malad City Park

The Malad Valley Welsh Festival is held in the Malad City Park, which is located between Oneida County Library and LDS Second Ward Church on 100 West.

Most activities are at the Park and the LDS Church building. Follow the Welsh flags to the Park.

Located: 0.9 miles from the exit
Drive Time: 5 minutes

Directions to Malad City Park from I-15 exits:

    • Take Exit 13, then
      • If arriving from the North, turn right at the fork
      • If arriving from the South, turn left, follow ID-38
      • Either way, a Chevron / Burger King will be on the right
    • Head west on 50 N toward an intersection with three roads — 0.3 miles
    • Turn right onto Bannock St — 0.3 miles
    • Turn left onto Bush Ave — 0.3 miles, park will be on left


Presbyterian Church

Located: 0.5 miles from Malad City Park
Drive Time: 3 minutes

Directions to Prebyterian Church from Malad City Park:
Note: the building is not physically located on a street, it’s sandwiched between Oneida County Courthouse and a local eatery called the Cat-N-Chew

    • Head northeast on Bush Ave toward Bannock St — 0.3 miles
    • Turn right onto Bannock St — 0.2 miles
    • Turn left into parking lot of Cat ‘n Chew (just past N. Main)
    • Drive straight through parking lot, you’ll see church building ahead



Learn more about Samaria

Located: 8.4 miles South West of Malad City

Drive Time: 14 minutes

Directions to Samaria from Malad City Park:

    • Head south on 200 W toward Bannock St — 0.2 miles
    • Turn left onto Bannock St — 0.2 miles
    • Turn right onto N 100 W/1st W St — 0.2 miles
    • Turn right onto ID-38/W 90 S/Depot St, Continue to follow ID-38 — 4.7 miles
    • Turn left onto S 4100 W — 1.4 miles
    • Continue onto S 4400 W — 1.3 miles

You’ve arrived in Samaria