Festival Activities

Festival events and activities happen in the city park, in the adjacent church, and in other nearby sites in Malad and neighboring Samaria.

Vendors in the park offer food, craft items, art, books, and more.

Activities for children and a playground keep youngsters entertained.

MUSIC EVENTS include a Friday evening concert with multiple choirs, daytime performances on the outdoor stage, and youth performances and piano duets indoors.

HISTORY & CULTURE EVENTS in the church include poetry readings, youth presentations on the history of Malad, displays on Welsh family history and culture, and our feature presentations:

John Good, “Songs & Tales of Wales”

Lucie Washburn, “Unique Style & Form of Welsh Poetry”:

Lucie Thomas Washburn of Castle Rock, Colorado, earned a M.A. from Utah State University with emphasis on British literature. She has a deep interest in Welsh culture because of her Welsh pioneer roots in Malad, Idaho. Mrs. Washburn lived three years in the British Isles where she studied Welsh language and history as well as traveling extensively in Wales. She also took Welsh language and culture courses at SUNY-Binghamton. In 1990, she received the crown for 1st place in the Utah Welsh Poetry and Prose Competition. Two years later, she won the national Welsh Poetry and Prose Competition.

Other history and culture activities include:

Quilt show at the Senior Center
The Oneida County Pioneer Museum
Heritage games in the park
Wagon tours of historic sites
The Olive Osmond cabin and the Blue Goose Saloon in Samaria