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Country Store Items For Sale

Wales/USA Red/White/Blue Winter Wool Scarf only $10

Welsh Flag (small on stick) only $2

Welsh Flag (12” x 18” on stick) only $6

Welsh Flag (3’ x 5’) only $12

Welsh/Pioneer Cookbooks only $18

Welsh Family History Books (see names below in each volume) only $15

Wales Baseball Cap only $16

Membership in Welsh Society only $10

Welsh Sayings (see choices below) printed on cardstock only $1

Welsh Sayings (printed on cardstock)

Printed on cardstock with a Dragon watermark on most; ready to frame, just $1

Poem about St. David’s Day by Brenda Williams

Guide to Traditional Folk Songs of the British Isles

Every day when I wake up I am grateful to be Welsh.

You can’t buy happiness but you can go to Wales and that’s pretty much the same thing.

To be born Welsh is to be born privileged. Not with a silver spoon . . . . .

Of course I’m right. I’m Welsh.

A nation without a language is a nation without a heart.

We don’t let them die in Wales. Merlin and Arthur and Owain . . . .

Cwtches and cuddles, Hills and vales . . . .

Keep calm. Be Welsh. Do it now. In a minute.

Wales is of this soil . . . . by J.R.R. Tolkien

We were given a country to keep . . . . by Gerallt Lloyd Owen

Heaven is a little country in Britain called Wales.

I broke my heart in five pieces . . . . by Idris Davis

It’s WELSH, not Welch . . . .

We don’t have timeouts . . . .

Wales is not in England . . . .

You can’t slay this dragon.

I’m Welsh. What’s YOUR super power?

Families in Malad Valley History Books

Volume I (pre-1870):

Adams, Benjamin Nephi
Adams, George Phillip
Clark, Eliza Jane Thomas
Daniels, Daniel
Daniels, Thomas
Davis, David Price and Elizabeth Griffith Davis
Davis, Richard Jenkins
Dudley, Eleanor Stephens
Evans, Edward Jones and Ann Thomas Evans
Evans, Winnifred
Gleed, Edward
Griffiths, James
Griffiths, William Thomas and Elizabeth Morgan Griffiths
Hughes, Gomer
Hughes, Lewis and Mary Ann Davies
Hughes, Taliesin
Jenkins, Anna Evans
Jenkins, David and Emma Reese Davis Jenkins
Jones, Benjamin E.
Jones, Jedediah
Jones, Mary Ellen Daniels
Jones, William Hugh
Jones, Richard T.
Lusk, John Winters
Mason, Thomas
Morse, Richard and Maria Jones Morse
Parry, Thomas
Peck, Henry
Price, Daniel Evan
Price, John
Price, John Evan
Thomas, Benjamin
Thomas, John L.
Thomas, William Howell
Thorpe, Elizabeth Symns
Tovey, Daniel
Waldron, Benjamin and Emeline Savage Waldron
Ward, George
Williams, John Jones and Mary Jones Williams
Williams, Samuel D.

Volume 2 (pre 1880):

Bailey, James
Bush, Robert
Davis, Samuel
Deschamps, Louis
Dredge, Jesse Richard
Evans, Daniel Richards
Evans, David Richard
Evans, Thomas Lewis
Evans, Williams Thomas
Harris, Joseph
Harris, Robert
Harrison, James Hobday
Harrison, James Parry
Jenkins, Thomas
Jones, Amos
Jones, David Clair
Jones, Henry
Jones, John Davis
Jones, Richard Peter
Jones, Zephaniah
McKay, Joseph Blair
Monson, Hiram
Moon, Hugh
Morgan, David
Morgan, Joseph
Morgan, Samuel
Morgan, Thomas
Nicholas, John
Price, John W.
Richardson, Josiah
Roderick, David
Roderick, William Spencer
Stephens, David Phillips
Stephens, Thomas
Stuart, George
Thomas, David Stephen
Waldron, Levi Savage
Waylett, William Henry
Williams, Daniel
Williams, Jeremiah Hodge
Williams, William Williams

Volume 3 (pre-1890):

Atkinson, Alfred Henry and Hannah Elizabeth Waldron
Bowen, David and Annie Shackleton
Bywater, James and Maria Thomas
Camp, Williams Peter and Ann Morse
Daniels, Daniel Moroni (D.M.) and Catherine Elizabeth Owens
Davis, Owen Thomas and Anna Price
Davis, Thomas A. and Margaret Ellen Davis
Denning, James and Sarah Merrifield
Evans, Benjamin D. and Mary Jane Jones
Evans, David Lloyd (D.L.) and Mary Ellen Williams and Emily Jane Mecham
Evans, Edward David and Alice Richards
Hill, Matthew and Catherine Nelson
Jones, Brigham Evans and Elizabeth Ann Bywater
Jones, Isaac J. and Mary Evans
Jones, James Evans and Annie Williams
Jones, Williams Phillips and Mary Catherine Reynolds
Jones, William T and Mary Evans Jones
Kent, Dan William and Martha Merrifield Denning
Kent, Daniel William and Clara Margaret Nielsen
Kent, George Edward and Mary Anne Read
Kerns, James Marion and Mary Jones
Lewis, Lewis Jones and Eleanor Stephens Davis
Lewis, William Davis and Ann Jones
Lusk, John Winters Jr. and Annie Thomas
Lusk, William Jefferson and Mary Ann Jenkins
Owens, John E. and Mary Thomas
Price, John Evan Jr. and Emma Morse
Reynolds, John and Catherine Williams
Richards, Fredrick James and Sarah James Adams
Richards, Thomas Williams and Charlotte Thomas
Richards, William and Margaret Morgan
Thomas, Frederick William and Ruth Ann Price
Thomas, Mary Ann
Thomas, Thomas Edward and Ann Williams
Vaughan, Morgan and Margaret Jeremiah
Vaughan, Phillip and Margaret Davis
Waldron, Benjamin Jr. and Achsa Cheeny
Waldron, Levi Glispie and Sarah Eliza Thomas
Waldron, William Spencer and Amy Ware
Williams, David Davis and Rebecca Price Williams
Williams, Jenkin and Elizabeth Price
Williams, John Haines and Sarah Jane