2018 Poetry Competition Announcement

Download The 2018 Adult Poetry Competition Form

Guidelines for Adult Poetry Competition:

Theme: “Family”

Length: up to 80 lines

Number of Poems:
Each person may submit up to 3 poems in any style or format. ALL poets will be invited to read one of their poems at the Welsh Festival; judges will determine the poem to be read.

All poems must be submitted under a pseudonym chosen by the poet. All poems by one author must be submitted under the same pseudonym. The pseudonym must appear on all pages of all poems. (Real name of poet is not to appear on any page of any poem.)

Winning poets will be selected based on the quality of their written poems. Five winning poets will be selected. The top winner will be named “Bard of the Welsh Festival” and must be present and read his or her poem at the Festival in order to win. The other four winners should be present and read their poems but can receive prizes if not present.

The “Bard of the Welsh Festival” will be seated in the Welsh Festival Bard’s Chair and will preside over the finale program of the 2018 Festival and over the opening ceremony of the 2019 Festival. His or her name will be engraved on a plaque accompanying the Welsh Festival Bard’s Chair. The chair and plaque will be displayed at all future Festivals. All five winning poets will receive certificates and cash prizes.

Deadline: June 1, 2018

Please submit your entries to:

Chair of Adult Poetry Competition
c/o Malad City Hall
59 Bannock Street
Malad, ID 83252

Contact: Jean Thomas (thomjea2@isu.edu) or 208-766-5361

Winners will be determined by a panel of past winners and representatives of the Malad Valley Welsh Festival.

EVERY poem must be submitted with a completed copy of the following cover page attached to it (not one cover page per poet). The cover pages will be torn off prior to the poems being given to the judges so that judging will be anonymous. Only pseudonyms will be seen by the judges.