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Malad Valley residents invite everyone to the Malad Valley Welsh Festival to celebrate the rich Welsh heritage that has contributed to the quality of life in the settlement of this beautiful valley.

Welsh pioneers were the first to settle in the Malad Valley in the 1860s. One of their many Welsh traditions was an annual cultural arts event called an eisteddfod, with roots going back 900 years.

Eisteddfod was celebrated locally for many years until World War 1. In 2005, after a 90 year break, this annual cultural event, now called the Malad Valley Welsh Festival, once again became a reality.

Today, Malad Valley, Idaho, has the largest per-capita concentration of people of Welsh ancestry outside the country of Wales itself. For that reason, many residents of the Valley enjoy reestablishing their Welsh roots.

Featured Presenter

Lucie Washburn — “Unique Style and Form of Welsh Poetry.”

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Featured Musician

John Good — "Songs and Tales of Wales"

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Malad’s Welsh History

Malad began largely as a Welsh Mormon settlement whose settlers brought their Welsh traditions with them.

Old Timey Malad

In addition to the Mormon majority, some of the leading families in the community belonged to either the Presbyterian Church or the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. These two denominations each built a place of worship in the town.

Some of the minutes from early town meetings were taken down in both English and Welsh. The city is very proud of its Welsh heritage. Malad lays claim to having more people of Welsh descent per capita than anywhere outside Wales. Malad celebrated its Welsh heritage by holding an annual “eisteddfod”, patterned after the music and poetry contests held in Wales for over 900 years. The eisteddfod was an all-day event with people coming from all over southeastern Idaho. The event featured music, songs and storytelling of Wales. The custom continued until 1916 and the outbreak of World War I.

With the goal of renewing the old eisteddfod tradition in Malad, in 2004, the annual Malad Valley Welsh Festival was established.

Musicians & Presenters

2017 Malad Valley Welsh Festival Bands and Presenters

John Good playing
John Good

John Good is well known throughout the West, South, Midwest and in his native Wales as a multi-instrumentalist, Welsh piper, singer/songwriter, storyteller, composer and poet.

John Good
Lucie Washburn
Lucie Washburn

Lucie Thomas Washburn has Welsh pioneer roots in Malad, Idaho, and lived three years in the British Isles where she studied Welsh language and history as well as traveling extensively in Wales. She also took Welsh language and culture courses at SUNY-Binghamton.

Lucie Washburn

The Rhiannon ensemble serves up a unique blend of traditional Celtic (especially Welsh), French, Scandinavian, and American instrumental dance tunes that are sure to get you up and dancing, for either a romantic waltz or a lively, foot-stomping jig or reel; or at least, they will set your toes to tapping!

Ken Currier

Ken Currier has been playing the guitar and singing for over 50 years now, primarily easy listening music that spans soft rock, country, folk, blues, and spiritual music genres. He's adding new tunes to his repertoire for his first performance at the Festival.

Ken Currier

Eryi is a newly-named, talented duo from Rexburg, Idaho. Cathy Stanton and Becky Godfrey will make their first appearance at the Festival this year. Together, they play a variety of wooden recorders, violin, mandolin, lap harp, and tin whistle.


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